The Pied Piper Children's Theatre &

The Delphi Theatre of NYC

The Community Theatre Ministry of Holy Trinity Church Inwood



PPCT’s Summer Theatre Intensive is a four-week program for adolescents (ages 12 to 17) who have a special interest in the Music/Theatre Arts or are planning to pursue this area of study in college as a major or minor. In this unique program, participants receive numerous sessions of individual instruction in several subjects as well as group workshops. 


  1. Instruction in different styles of Acting, Musical Theater, Dance, Stage, Combat, Stage Lighting & Sound Design, Theater History, and Theatrical Makeup
  2. Involvement in special projects, fieldtrips and a summer showcase.


Every activity in the summer program is designed to encourage participants to think as creative individuals. Creativity is dealt with as a natural order of life and our true nature. By the simple, scientific approach of experimentation and observation, participants establish a workable connection though strong orderly direction. Instruction, combined with exercises, games, projects, and outings geared to developing cooperation, decision-making, self-confidence, positive risk taking, trust, leadership, goal setting, and teamwork.

The application period for the 2017 Summer Intensive will begin Friday March 31, 2017. You may download the application form here or under our Downloadable Forms link.